Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend Reflections


I came across this via Reader Wil, and was impressed with her photo. Scanned through some of my photos and found this photo I took on a boat in a man made lake in the Singapore Zoo. The birds stand unperturbed by the boat we were traveling in.


This is an informal reflection themed meme called Weekend Reflections.
I invite anyone to join. The simple rules are bellow:

1)Post a reflection photograph

2)After I post my Weekend Reflections photo, make a comment here to let me and others know that your reflection photo is posted.(If you have more than one blog, be sure to say which one it's on or provide a link)

3)Link back here on your blog so others will know about it.

4)Visit other Weekend reflections participant's blogs.

I will try to do the Weekend reflections post on Fridays, U.S. Eastern time. Feel free to add your posts anytime during the weekend. Just try to make sure that you make the comment and add your post to the Weekend Reflections post.

Hopefully this goes well, if it does we can get some banners and some sort of Linky thing going.

I've seen some really great reflections form other bloggers in water,windows,mirrors,eyes,sunglasses and more.

I hope that you will join in, and I look forward to seeing your reflections!

Posted by James


Gattina said...

Beautiful reflection !

Btw, the mouse left our house the next day, lol !

Reader Wil said...

Ann, this is also a perfect reflection. I must say I love reflections! I shall try to have a photo ready each Friday. Have a great week!

Japa said...

Beautiful reflection photos. Wish we have more of this in place, this time.

James said...

Hi Ann, Sorry it took me so long to comment. I have been away from the computer do to a back injury. Your reflection is great. It's like a mirror for the birds.

Thanks for joining.

This friday I plan to have MckLinky working (if I did it right)