Friday, September 25, 2009

Skywatch Friday: Malaysian sky and train


The train in Malaysia is very long and they leave the station at Keppel Station in Singapore. Then you get off at Woodlands for your immigrations clearance. There are two trains leaving at about the same time, and no conductor to tell you which train to get on. People rush like a stampede. We notice a couple of passengers had got on the wrong train.

The train also stops and leaves the station very quickly. My city sleeker girls realised that before they could get off, the train had already taken off, and they had to stop at the next station.


Japa said...

So passengers really have to be extra alert, observant and must know the right train then. Good enough, am just skywatching here and not worry of riding the wrong one. Clouds have formed above and beyond the train route, though. Nice photo.

AKO said...

A nice composition in the photo. I'm happy that I do not have to rush around looking for a train in such a hurry.

Pearl Maple said...

Lovely view of the sky from there, shame about the lack of information for passengers, must make for a confusing time. Thanks for sharing with sky watch friday.

Mescrap said...

The system still need to improve.
I must be pay extra attention when taking the train.

Horsoon said...

Sounds like quite an adventure you had with the KTM ;)

That's a very nicely captured pic!