Monday, September 7, 2009

My world Tuesday: A very Foggy Auckland


It was a very unusual morning in Auckland this morning. It was bright and clear at Western Springs, where if there is fog, it is the foggiest place of Auckland as it is in a trough. But at Pt Cheveliar, where my school is. There is normally no fog. But this morning, the fog was so bad that visibility is very low. The locals call this dense fog, a western fog. When I looked down at the North Western motorway, the cars were bumper to bumper.

Hundreds of domestic air travellers faced long delays after fog disrupted flights at Auckland Airport this morning. My daughter G's return from Wellington was delayed. By 10.30am there had been 30 flights cancelled, and an undeclared but similar number of flights delayed.

At the water front, fog also covered much of the harbour.

Jack frost has been playing a trick on us again. It is supposed to be spring, but parts of the country had minus temperature,and yesterday, I woke up to frost on the ground.


Ruth said...

Spring and fall are our foggiest times too. Right now we are having foggy mornings after cool nights. Not so much fun when you are travelling though!

aurbie said...

I love fog photos. Jack Frost will soon be knocking our doors for good. Brrr. You can keep him if you like.

Glennis said...

Interesting fog photo, I have been among the air travellers held up by fog in Auckland and I can tell you it is very frustrating, but I have always ended up where I wished to go eventually.
We have had frosts again for the last few days, but no fog, then the days are so warm its like summer.

Unknown said...

Poor visibility always grounded the airplane.In Kuching poor visibility due haze has grounded helicopter operation but not commercial airplane(MAS or AirAsia).The visibility yesterday(WED lucky #09092009 or 9909)was only 1.5km and air pollutat index at 11am put Kuching (API reading of 104)in the unhealthy air category.