Monday, July 30, 2012

I Want To Break Free

The Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is located just 12 miles south of Kuching in Borneo's 1613-acre Semenggoh Nature Reserve. Since 1975 the center has been accepting animals either orphaned, injured, or rescued from captivity and reintroducing them back into the wild.

Actually these orang utans had broken free from their captivity, and now reside in this rehab. They are free to come and go.

I want to break free
I want to break free
I want to break free from your lies
You're so self satisfied, I don't need you
I've got to break free
God knows, God knows I want to break free


 With Mr. Orang Utan himself, WWF employee, my little brother Dr. Henry Chan.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

weekend reflection: Gutsy women, Mrs. Chew and the Queen

On my facebook cover photo, the old woman with me is in her 80s, and she flew the tiger moth. Mrs. Chew is my Kai Ma, my mum by love adoption, I chose her to be my mum.

 I wanted to do a post on her, but I want to do this first . Some friends were wondering if it was the queen who jumped at the Olympics Game.
 Can you see the reflection on the wings?

Sunday Stills: Fade to black.

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: Fade to Black

This challenge is my last challenge for Sunday Stills. Thanks to all the folks who have contributed over the last 3+ years. If Linda wants to keep the challenges going thats great, if there is someone who is willing to take over and consistantly issue new and freah challenges just leave a comment and I’m sure she will get in contact with you.  Once again thanks for 3+ years of fun and the chance to meet some very interesting friends…. Ed
For the last challenge just include the colour black into either the subject or the background…

Just like Sunday Stills, my other blog annkschin.blogspot.com might have to follow Ed to the same Fade to Black. Something happened to it, and the formatting is all wrong. What a pity, this is my oldest blog, and I can only remember this blog's name.

I hope someone comes to SS and my blog's rescue.


So long Farewell, I am glad I came: Kai Chung Reunion.

"SYMMETRY" (Balanced, Similar, Rhythmic, Centered, Harmonious,...)
Thursday Challenge is a place for photographic fun and learning. 


  [hahr-moh-nee-uhs]  Show IPA
marked by agreement in feeling, attitude, or action: aharmonious group.

My take for this week's "symmetry" is harmonious. This photo show a Miring ceremony. The elders and Headman of the Long House performing this ceremony, the epitome of Iban tradition. 

There we were, Ibans, Chinese, European, Guyana, and had returned from far away places in USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and so on to witness this.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Save the world: Save trees

One afternoon, we had a bad tropical storm.
Lightning striked,
Thunder clapped,
Rain bucketed ,
Trees up rooted.
Flower pots tumbled,
Flash floods filled the basement,
I lied in bed with my duvet over my head.
***This pix were the aftermath of a storm in Singapore, I was living on the Campus of NTU.***

I dedicate this post to my exblogging and now facebook friend.

Gina Hughes-Ribeyro
Tornado....snapped a tree on my back property and what a mess!! My roof is all chuffed up as well. Thank God for Liberty Mutual!!!!

Ann Chin Now you don't need to buy logs for your fireplace this winter. Seriously, it is no laughing matter. I was in Singapore this month and saw the Govt pruning trees. Because the trees were falling on houses, moving vehicles.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

ABC Wedneday: :Letter A and B

Letter B for bag. This was no ordinary bag. It was a bag given out during the Christmas in the Park by the Mt Albert Baptist Church. It is also a recycle Bag. During my trip, I found myself sharing the importance of recycling and reuse.

As I was on a trip, I didn't get a lot of time on the computer to blog or download my photos and to visit you all. I got back yesterday after over a month away. I want to submit my letter A. I feel like my students, "please" when they submit their work late. Better be late than never. 

During my trip I left Auckland and landed in Changi airport. I was very pleased that they had bidets in the ladies. Someone told me that Changi airport lost her Number one status to Korea. So in went the bidets. Rate me, and I pressed the button , excellent. But when I flew out, I didn't see any, so I didn't press the button that says rate my bathroom.
 aeroplane, airport
 aerobridge, you don't feel that you are going to fly when you use the aerobridge.

for a small plane and airport, you walk on the tarmac. When I was growing up, Dad often drove us to see the Fokker Friendship in Sibu. It became my sweetest story. When I was 20 months old, Dad went to London to study, courtesy of the Government of Sarawak aka the British Empire. My uncle Hung Fei never failed to share this story. He was holding me watch Dad walk into the plane. For as long as he was alive he would recount this, "Where's dad?" " Dad went Wheee" and I moved my hand gesturing the flight of the plane. 
aircargo so important that your luggage arrive at the same time as you. This I leave for another time.

airport ground control tower.  We lived next door to a ground controller. His kids boasted that their dad had the most important job. We retorted, our dad's job was more important. He sits in the plane. to go for important meetings. LOL

Monday, July 23, 2012

What I did in the weekend. Kai Chung School reunion.

May Lu Yieng Chu, Yek Jau Lang, Ling Liung Ong & Jenny lantern take their wish up the sky and grant them everything they wished for.

The grand finale of the Kai Chung School reunion. Francis Chen, the home based organiser had the idea of releasing these giant lanterns. He had to get police clearance to release these Kun Ming lanterns. Many of us released them, it was tricky to get enough hot air. I was busy taking photos. we were to make a wish before the balloons floated up and up and up.

My wish was to have more of these reunions, despite the time and effort the organisers took to plan this, the expenses of those who returned from all countries of the world.  I also had a prayer of thanks, that my students who were 14 and 15 when I taught them are now my LAU PENG YOU aka old friends.

Thanks to Francis, I have an unlit lantern so I can take it back with me to New Zealand to share it with my present students. It is going to stay put in my room.

http://gattinawritercramps.blogspot.sg/  What did you do in the weekend?




Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lost in an urban jungle.


 Despite the numerous high rise skyscrapers in Singapore, there are still pockets in land scarce Singapore for people to own landed property. Many builders optimise the land and build up, and many are 3 stories high. Houseowners enjoy their green piece of real estate and are very proud of the plants. I love walking round, snapping photos and some people are friendly.

I would have ended my month long perfect holiday, except it was marred this evening. I had a wonderful dinner at Jurong point with an old friend from Kai Chung school,.S Wong was a student  when I taught there, but I didn't teach her class. In her own words, fate has it that we were to sit in the same seat when we went to the longhouse.

Initially, I had intended to take the train, then by taxi to my sister's place. I changed my mind and hailed a taxi. We got lost, the taxi driver drove round and round. I told him I was going to a landed property, and he had the cheek to tell me it is a condo.a high rise building.

Despite him stopping to check his map and numerous phone calls to my sister's home,and her house keeper giving directions, we were still lost. Fortunately she was smart, to call for my brother in law. He rang me, gave me the directions, I in turn relayed the directions to the driver. Eventually I got back. He apologised and explained roads in landed properties are very small and unfamiliar. He kept saying, don't worry, I won't charge you extra.

It wasn't the fare I was concerned, going round and round in the heat made me want to vomit. His cab wasn't cool and I asked him if he had turned the air con on. When I got to my destination, I gave him $20. He was lucky I didn't vomit in his cab because I headed straight to the bathroom.

No wonder CBS Amazing Race contestants have trouble with taxi drivers.

This post is for S Wong, and this is a story she will take back to her next reunion, as it is unlikely I will attend their next, as I had to explain to everyone, it is my students' reunion, not mine.