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Mt Albert Baptist Church Love where you live working bee.

 Today, our church was involved in "Love where you live": a number of projects including a new sandpit at Owairaka Plunket Kindergarten, four home makeovers, the massive Toy Library sale, lots of work at Kids Forever Preschool and Mt Albert Baptist, and an e-waste and City Mission Drop off

This Saturday from 9am to 4pm we provide practical help to families and groups that help families in our community. Please make every effort to be involved wet or fine to make a difference in the lives of others. See you this weekend. Oh, and don’t forget to bring some dry food on Saturday or Sunday for the City Mission drop off.

The water engineer and I were at the Kids forever Preschool gardening. It rained and the plants loved it.

Rose, Rose, I love you.

 My take for this Saturday is a post I made two years ago. I went to this lovely lady, Connie Ang to ask if she would be my adopted mum.

Rose, Rose, I love you.

Roses don't grow naturally in hot tropical Borneo. But it is a very popular flower to give. It connotes elegance, beauty and love. My Kai Ma was given this beautiful bouquet of roses on her 82nd birthday. I wore my Nyonya Kebaya top with roses embroidered on the edges of the top and sleeves.  When I was young, I won't be seen dead in them. But now, it has made a come back and I wear it on very very special occasions.

This song, Rose, Rose I love you would be popular during the time when my Kai Dad was dating my Kai Ma. I dedicate this song to Mrs. Chew Tieng Kui aka Connie Ang Siok Cheng.

My Kai Pa had a club in the floor underneath their apartment. I can imagine people come at the wurlitzer and dropping a coin to play this song.

Rose, I love you with an aching heart.

Standing on the jetty as the steamer moves away,

In her rickshaw on the street ( This is not a rickshaw, and this is a trishaw, the rickshaw pulled by man was banned.)

Way back to my home on a distant shore.


This song was and is hugely popular in China, everybody knows it. Composed by Chen Gexin, it is the only Chinese pop song that to have made a hit in the West. Frankie Laine popularized this song singing in English. He didn't however, stick to the exact translation.

Even though it is is English, little children can recognise that it is a Chinese song. I once sang it to my New Zealand students when one of them told me that her grandma's name was Rose. Whenever I sing it they laugh. For a while, they kept requesting me to sing it.
http://youtu.be/ix8M5eMq9Ko in English


http://youtu.be/QJ0V7CG883I  in Chinese

 鳳飛飛.. 玫瑰玫瑰我愛你

Rose, Rose I love you with an aching heart.
What is your future, now we have to part?
Standing on the jetty as the steamer moves away,
Flower of Malaya, I cannot stay.

Mei Kwei, oh, Mei Kwei for my Eastern Rose.
Men crowd in dozens everywhere she goes.
In her rickshaw on the street or in a cabaret,
"Please Mei Kwei for Rose," you can hear them say.

All my life I shall remember,
Oriental music and you in my arms.
Perfumed flowers in your tresses,
Lotus-scented breezes and swaying palms.

Rose, Rose I love you with your almond eyes.
Fragrant and slender 'neath tropical sky.
I must cross the seas again and never see you more.
Way back to my home on a distant shore.

(All my life I shall remember,)
(Oriental music and you in my arms.)
(Perfumed flowers in your tresses,)
(Lotus-scented breezes and swaying palms.)

Rose, Rose I leave you, my ship is in the bay.
Kiss me farewell now, there's nothin' to say.
East is East and West is West, our worlds are far apart.
I must leave you now but I leave my heart.

Rose, Rose I love you with an aching heart.
What is your future, now we have to part?
Standing on the jetty as the steamer moves away,
Flower of Malaya, I cannot stay.

(Rose, Rose I love you, I cannot stay.)

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FSO: late summer




Late Summer [Friday My Town Shoot Out] [Link-up]

The end of the summer season has arrived. What does late summer look like in your corner of the world? If you are in the southern hemisphere, show us your late winter.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


This allotment is what I call a piece of paradise on earth. It may not even an allotment. In USA, they are called community garden. I am told, in UK, people pay some rental to the local council to plant in their allotment. In Singapore, the university gave us a plot, so that the residents don't plant any where they like and hence disrupt the neat and tidyness of the place. My friend K just moved to a retirement home where she has her own little unit. The gardener was very kind to let her have a little plot in the allotment.
I was walking yesterday afternoon along Mt Eden Road. I have not walked this road for twenty years. In between two buildings was this gem down in the valley.  It was so beautiful, just what I would dream about.
There was a man working down there, so I was discrete when taking the pix. I suppose if I told him I was a keen gardener, he would kindly show me his crops.
The garden was between two buildings, I wonder if an orignal building had been torn down, and the place left to become a bush. The man took it upon himself to make this garden. He puts me to shame with his manicured garden, and my unruly one.
There is a company which teaches people how to garden. I don't think the man in the pix needs anyone to teach him.

"GARDEN" (Flowers, Vegetables, Rocks, Orchards,...)
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Andrew's birthday month

On Sunday, a new friend gave me this lovely infinity scarf. I was chatting  with another friend when I  got this glow of fuzzy feeling. When I was pregnant with Andrew, I knitted a coat with a similar texture and colour. I wore it everywhere I went. It was stretchy just like this scarf, and I wore it even when I was 9 months pregnant.

I had forgotten about this purple coat until I chatted with Roz. Andrew might have died, but he is in my heart, and it was having him that I became a writer.