Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lost in an urban jungle.


 Despite the numerous high rise skyscrapers in Singapore, there are still pockets in land scarce Singapore for people to own landed property. Many builders optimise the land and build up, and many are 3 stories high. Houseowners enjoy their green piece of real estate and are very proud of the plants. I love walking round, snapping photos and some people are friendly.

I would have ended my month long perfect holiday, except it was marred this evening. I had a wonderful dinner at Jurong point with an old friend from Kai Chung school,.S Wong was a student  when I taught there, but I didn't teach her class. In her own words, fate has it that we were to sit in the same seat when we went to the longhouse.

Initially, I had intended to take the train, then by taxi to my sister's place. I changed my mind and hailed a taxi. We got lost, the taxi driver drove round and round. I told him I was going to a landed property, and he had the cheek to tell me it is a condo.a high rise building.

Despite him stopping to check his map and numerous phone calls to my sister's home,and her house keeper giving directions, we were still lost. Fortunately she was smart, to call for my brother in law. He rang me, gave me the directions, I in turn relayed the directions to the driver. Eventually I got back. He apologised and explained roads in landed properties are very small and unfamiliar. He kept saying, don't worry, I won't charge you extra.

It wasn't the fare I was concerned, going round and round in the heat made me want to vomit. His cab wasn't cool and I asked him if he had turned the air con on. When I got to my destination, I gave him $20. He was lucky I didn't vomit in his cab because I headed straight to the bathroom.

No wonder CBS Amazing Race contestants have trouble with taxi drivers.

This post is for S Wong, and this is a story she will take back to her next reunion, as it is unlikely I will attend their next, as I had to explain to everyone, it is my students' reunion, not mine.

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