Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scenic Sunday: Jet ski


Jet skis can be a lot of fun. But sometimes those on them are reckless and cause trouble to other boaties, especially to the young and inexperience ones on tiny boats and kayaks. In New Zealand, authorities have reported jet ski riders coming too near to big boats without thinking how dangerous it is.

I took these jet ski photos when I was holidaying in Australia. They have no connection with the story reported in New Zealand below. You can draw your own conclusion.

Epic jetski journey starts tonight August 1, 2010, 5:48 am


Jeremy Burfoot has already circumnavigated New Zealand on a jetski to raise cancer awareness - now the airline pilot is taking his message 32,000 kilometres further.

Mr Burfoot sets out tonight on a mission to ride his jetski from London to Auckland. He will cross the North Sea to Rotterdam, ride the Rhine and Danube, head to Turkey, then Egypt, the Suez Canal and the Red Sea. After that he will hit Yemen, Oman, Pakistan, India Sri Lanka and Singapore, then travel on to Australia and finally New Zealand.

Mr Burfoot says he will be exhausted but ready to celebrate when he "hopefully" makes it to Auckland. Even his wife is calling him an idiot, but that has done nothing to dissuade the father of three.

"It is not just her, there are quite a few people saying that - and maybe they're right but you have to do these things. To get our cancer awareness message out there takes something unique to get people's attention".
Mr Burfoot's adventure is scheduled to start at 7 o'clock tonight.

why is this idiot being allowed to do this what a stupid waste of search and rescue cover for this nutter
just hope hes got all the safety gear and is able to pay the rescue bill...and is he towing a petrol tanker behind him ??

weekend reflection: Auckland at night


This is Auckland City at night. You can see the Sky Tower. My cousin Alicia went across the Auckland Harbour Bridge to take this photo.

Thanks Alicia, my little Canon A530 can't take the photos I like.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Skywatch Friday: Rainbow


I usually do not wake up early, but I did yesterday because I had visitors. I made a strange discovery. Rainbows come from the water spout of my house and the pot of gold is hidden under my tree. I am like Chicken Licken, and I must go and tell the king. LOL

I was rewarded for my wakey wakey, rise and shine. There were two rainbows.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Photohunt: Public

I had to wreck my brain before I came up with my interpretation.
At a local market place at Wesley Park, a camera crew was filming a celebrety talking to some stall holders. I guess they are filming in public. And I took their photo in public.

This is almost a public notice in Singapore. I was with the Cat Cafe, and hence connected to the Cat welfare society. Such a callous person. In the old days, he will be flogged in public.

Caution Against Fraudulent Adopters
The Singapore Police Force has recently concluded an investigation with the help of the Cat Welfare Society against a fraudulent person that had utilised CWS's Adoption Bulletin for personal gain & cheating.

The rat bag on false pretenses obtained 8 kittens and sold them on online.

The SPF, in consultation with Attorney-General' s Chambers, has decided that a stern warning be administered to the accused in lieu of prosecution. On 16 July 2010, the accused was warned by the Chief Investigation Officer.

While we are disappointed with this conclusion, we continue to be on the vigilance as a second offense would be looked upon with severity.

When possible, it is best to deliver the kittens/cats to the adopters' residence. Please conduct at least one home visit after adoption to ensure the well being of the cat.

If it is your first time as a foster or you would like some advice, please email info@catwelfare. org. Please also inform us if you come across any suspicious potential adopters.

This also reminded me that the SPCA discovered some people were coming to adopt stray dogs regularly. After checking, SPCA found that these people were not adopting the dogs as pets. Instead the dogs were destined for the pot. This became public knowledge, and the SPCA checks became more stringent.

Addition: From, memory, strayed cats rescued by the Cat Cafe and Cat Welfare are spayed or neutered and mirco chipped. This incurs a cost of about $100 per cat by the cat cafe. This cost is not passed on to the adopters. That is why people will want to adopt these cats.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

watery wednesday: ice needles

My cousin Alicia visited me. She had been in the mountains skiing at Mt Ruepehu. She took this photos. Looking from the thumbnail, I thought they were icicles. But when I looked at the big picture, I thought they looked like ice needlea and when I went to ggogle search, I wasn't wrong. They were called ice needles.

I have not seen ice needles before in Canada or in New Zealand http://annkschin.blogspot.com/2008/11/winter-in-mt-ruepahu.html. Neither have I seen them on the blogs. Is this phenomenon quite rare? It has a characteristic filamentous appearance with individual needles extending independently and in fascicular bundles.

Thank you Alicia for this eye opener.

Jama asked if it is dangerous, it makes me think of the Indian Gurus who lie down on a bed of needles.

My Cousin and her friends were very curious about the needles. Initially they thought there were grass or twigs, upon examination, they were shards of ice needles.

Needle ice is a phenomenon that occurs when the temperature of the soil is above 0 °C (32 °F) and the surface temperature of the air is below 0 °C (32 °F). The subterranean moisture is brought to the surface via capillary action.

The ice needles are typically a few centimetres long. While growing, they may lift or push away small soil particles.

Ruby Red Tuesday,

http://www.thedeppeffect.com/4718/abc-wednesday-a/ For a while, I thought Jay too has come from USA with her dog to join in the fun of walking on the brand new bridge.

This is the company, Fletcher Engineering Company who built the bridge and invited the one million people in Auckland to experience the joy of walking on this bridge only that Sunday.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Mellow yellow: Traffic signage truck

My friend whose husband worls as a engineer who built the bridge told me the workers were asked to volunteer their presence to greet visitors and answer questions.

Ka Pai and paki paki to the men and women who gave up their Sunday so we could have a great time crossing the bridge.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Photo hunt: Hanging


These tyres/tires hanging up the end of the flying fox prevent your head from bumping into the pole at the end of the wire.
These kids are hanging very tightly as you can see how they "fly". I know, because I had been before. My stomach was churning, my heart was in my mouth, and my scream could be heard miles away.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Scenic Sunday,Sunday Bridges.

Pity you can't read the sign. These two gentlemen are advertising for a sausage sale in aid of MND.




It is not everyday that we get to walk across a big bridge. We had been monitoring this development of this bridge. At last we went as pedestrians. As we left as 1.30pm, the cyclists came anxiously as it too will be opened to them only this afternoon. The 4 lane bridge will then be open only to vehicles.

Today, the $230 million second Manukau harbour bridge or lovingly called the Mangere bridge is officially opened by Prime Minister John Key, with Transport Minister Steven Joyce, Manukau mayor Len Brown and Auckland city mayor John Banks.

There was much fan fare and entertainment and refreshments. Among the various charity group, these two gentlemen caught my eye. Over at my stories site I had just written about MND or Motor Neuron Disease. These gentlemen were raising funds for them. http://annkschin.blogspot.com/2010/07/case-for-euthanasia.html Kai pai and paki paki to them.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

weekend reflections, a giant puddle

After a week of rain, part of our shady school's play area became a big puddle. You can see the reflection of the trees, well almost. The kid jumped into it disturbing my reflection. The kids were having such fun that I couldn't stop them to take a perfect photo. I had to water mark his face.

I added this to explain why I had the water mark smack on the kid's face.
It wasn't a blurry face, it was a deliberate attempt to blur out his face. I am not allowed to take and publish my students photos. I keep my blogging separate from school, so I rather not wait to ask for written permission from the parents through the principal. I choose either to crop their faces or water mark them (which I just learned.)

Skywatch Friday: Clouds, clouds and more clouds

You can't see the sky today. It was covered with grey clouds.

On my door, you see this sticker which tells unwanted visitor that I am a member of the neighbourhood watch. In New Zealand, the residents and the police join hand in hand in this neighbourhood support. Burglars beware, my neighbours and I are nosy parkers. We mind each others' business.


There's nothing much to sing about the weather unless you like to sing in the rain. There was so much rain, and the Sky Tower was shrouded by clouds.

I went to see the faces behind the sign I have at my door. The neighbourhood support sign. Johannes came to my site as he was interested in using one of my photos I had of my community. He invited me to meet with him. It was drizzling, but heavy enough to get my hair wet.

There, he introduced me to Barry Hyde, the Community Liaison of the New Zealand Police who is also the Chairman, Avon Lines, the Deputy Chairperson and Johannes Dimyadi, the editor of Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Neighbourhood Support works closely with the Police and many other organisations in your community to reduce crime, improve safety and prepare to deal with emergencies and natural disasters.

Neighbourhood Support aims to make our homes, streets, neighbourhoods and communities safer and more caring places in which to live.

Ka pai, paki paki or good job to Barry, Avon and Johannes.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ABC Wednesday: A for aerobridge

ABC Wednesday is hosted by Mrs. Denise Nesbitt

In the old days, when we flew in a plane, we walk to the tarmac, walked up a flight of stairs to get to the plane. You get the thrill of actually seeing yourself getting into the plane.

These days, for most planes, you use an aerobridge.

watery wednesday: Lovely weather for ducks

The rain came down the whole day. In my adult ESOl class, we had a question," Who likes driving in the rain?"

I arrived in school, and guess who visited us? A drake and a duck. It reminded me of this song.( You can see the puddles in the photos)

***I added this because some of you have asked if the ducks were crossing the road.***
These ducks HAD cross the road at some stage. They were inside my school compound. When I took the photos, the kids were inside the ir class rooms. As it was raining, I didn't hang around to see the kids' reaction, and the ducks' reaction.

I am pretty sure the kids were happy to share their lunches, but the ducks would be overwhelmed.

My school is about 3 kilometers from Western Springs park. This couple must have left to get some privacy only to meet 660 children. LOL


Rosemary Clooney - Lovely Weather For Ducks

When the good life seems to have missed us,
And there's no kick thinking of Christmas
Just keep your chin up, brush your troubles away.
There is always some cheer in every shower;
Think of the good it does a flower!
So let's find the bright side
To every stormy day.

When it's pouring rain and people complain
And things aren't worth a shucks,
Don't you yell, just say, "Well--
Lovely weather for ducks!"

When it's freezing snow, about zero or so
And the icy sidewalk glares,
Don't get cold feet, just repeat:
"Lovely weather for bears!"

Though all your cares seem double,
There's good in every bad.
So sneer at old man Trouble,
And he'll go away mad.

When your shoelace breaks and your toothache aches and you need a few more bucks,
Don't you pout. Just sing out:
"Heavenly weather for, what could be better for, lovely weather for ducks!"

Though all your cares seem double,
There's good in every bad.
So sneer at old man Trouble,
And he'll go away mad.

When your shoelace breaks and your toothache aches and the ballgame costs two bucks,
Don't you yell. Just say, "Well--
Heavenly weather for, what could be better for, lovely weather for ducks!

"Heavenly weather for, what could be better for, lovely weather for ducks!"

And this funny video.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Ruby Tuesday: Rowing in Hamilton

Hamilton is one hour's south of Auckland. This is where fellow blogger Pete lives.

There are six bridges which span across the Waikato river. The New Zealanders are very good in rowing. They are hosting the 2010 World Championship Regatta which will take place at Lake Karapiro, September 12-19th. New Zealand secured the rights to hold the 39th World Rowing Championship in 2006.

I am especially proud of the twin sisters Georgina and Caroline; EVERS-SWINDELL. They won gold in the Athens and Beijing Olympics and they are a great inspiration to my girl students.