Wednesday, July 14, 2010

watery wednesday: Rainbow Warrior

Auckland Port where the Rainbow warrior was bombed and sunk by the French.


On Saturday, New Zealand remembered the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Port by The French twenty five years ago. The Greenpeace ship was about to go protest the French's nuclear testing in Moruroa. Fernando Pereira, a photographer was drowned on the sinking ship.

I remember sitting in the lounge with my baby daughter that winter evening. There was a news flash, and I was in disbelief. Since then, I was very interested in the work of Green Peace.

In 2000, we came back from Singapore to tour New Zealand, my girls were asking for Deli france. I took them to the waterfront where they were remembering the 15th year of the sinking of Rainbow Warrior. I told them, Delifrance won't stand a chance in New Zealand.

Today, Greenpeace is now channeling their effort to climatic change. Rainbow Warrior 2 is old, and there is a need for a third ship.

Dear Ann,

I wrote to you last week with a special request to help build the Rainbow Warrior III. I'm pleased to report we've had a great response from New Zealanders, and have raised over $40,000 so far! But we've still got a way to go.

On Saturday, it was the 25th anniversary of the Rainbow Warrior bombing in Auckland Harbour. Friends and crew members of the Rainbow Warrior, past and present, gathered here at our Auckland office.
You will love this video

We commemorated the past, but we also looked forward to the future. 25 years ago, the world was in the grip of the cold war and nuclear weapons were the biggest threat we faced.

Now, in 2010, climate change is undoubtedly the biggest threat. And like nuclear testing, it's the Pacific that is bearing the brunt of the problems caused by wealthy and powerful nations.

The Rainbow Warrior defended the Pacific from nuclear testing, and we now urgently need a new Warrior - to help defend our world from climate change.

In the story of a ship that has meant so much to our country and our region, you can help us write the next chapter. You can help ensure her legacy continues and you can be a part of the legend.

Yours sincerely,

Bunny McDiarmid
Executive director
Greenpeace NZ

Click here to watch a video of history the Rainbow Warrior, you don't have to make a donation.


Martha Z said...

Thanks for this piece of history and warning for the future.
I believe that global warming in one of the great threats to the future of mankind. It amazes me how many people are in denial.

penny said...

I remember hearing about that that sinking. It was horrible.
I agree with Martha, global warming is a real threat and some are in denial about it.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Fascinating piece of history and alert for the future of -- the world! I really admire GreenPeace's work.

Thank you for sharing this information..

Ginny Hartzler said...

The Rainbow Warrior is awesome, I remember it from years back, but haven't heard anything about it lately. Matter of fact, I used to hear about and see Greenpeace in the news all the time, but haven't in ages!

Jim said...

Interesting post.

George said...

I remember the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior, but I didn't realize it was so many years ago.

Jim said...

Ann, the name Allawah comes from an aboriginal word meaning meaning 'make your abode here' or 'remain here'. A suitable name for a mainly residential suburb. I've added that info to my post. Thanks for your comment.

SandyCarlson said...

A tough memory and a gripping photo. Thanks for lifting this up, Ann.

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten how long ago the sinking was. I good post.

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Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Ann, SO interesting... I probably read about this at one time, but had forgotten it. Glad that Greenpeace is still working down there... Hope they get enough support to get a new ship...

Thanks for an interesting post today.

tinyskillet said...

Hi Ann, thanks for such and interesting and informative post. I wish them good luck in getting the new ship. Your photo is memorable! That sky look like ours does around here.

EG CameraGirl said...

I think it's interesting that Greenpeace got so much positive energy after that sinking. I think many more people listen to Greenpeace ideas now. It's too bad someone lost his life though.