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Deaf Ministries International works in 20 countries in Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East, helping to establish resources and facilities to bring the message of Christ and aid to deaf people.

Foodsale was one of the few meaningful things I have done in my life. During my sixteen years in Singapore as a faculty wife, my group of Biblestudy women friends who lived on the campus of Nanyang Technological University wanted to do something useful with our hands.

We decided to support the deaf children in Kenya, under the umbrella of the Deaf Ministry International. We liaised with Neville Murr, and supported Joe in Kenya in his school for deaf children. We called ourselves Foodsale ladies. Foodsale disbanded after I left, but we remain good friends.

muir family

The Muir Family

Yesterday I was reunited with Neville Muir via facebook.



Friday, March 27, 2015

Photohunt: Sport

Brazilian players playing volley in New Zealand.
Photohunt: Sport


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thursday Challenge: Fast.

The traffic policemen demonstrated how a radar speed gun catches speeding violators

FAST (Motion Blur, Cars, Boats, Running, Food,...)

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Photohunt Beam

Reminds me to teaching Sunday school days, Jesus wants me to be a sun beam. This sun beam falls into my room, and sometimes comes in the shape of a heart.


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Road with a happy ending.

This road is lined with one hundred years old Pohutukawa trees. 6 trees were slated to be chopped to make way for a road extension. This is really sad. Public protest led tthis decision to be reversed, and there is a happy ending.


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The PhotoHunt for today is 'Custom'

This is a new ancient custom I learn last Saturday. When the lion comes and wishes you good luck, you feed the lion with Hong Bao.

This boy makes it difficult for the lion by standing on a chair.

The PhotoHunt for today is 'Custom'


Thursday Challenge: glass jar terrarium.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Runaway to the circus?

Runaway to the circus?

My circus friend/student Victoria from Russia. Circuses with performing animals now have a bad name. Some people advocate a ban of using animals. Do you agree?

Victoria is a clown with her husband,

When I was a child, the best thing was going to the circus with my family. For me, it wasn't the animals but the trapeze flying from one end to the other that attracted me most.

Even at a young age, I felt that it was cruel for the circus ring master in his coat and tails, to crack his long whip at the big cats. I was worried and frighten that the cats might jump on the ring master. It wasn't entertaining when I was was afraid.

The animals are kept in small cages, and they hardly have space to move around. So they pace back and forth. Today, animal psychologists say that animals are stressed in the confined space. It is animal cruelty and should be stopped.

We now have modern circus where there are no animals. The Canadian Cirque du Soleil tour the world and are popular everywhere they go.

The Chinese State Circus is phenomenal, and animal free. They are entertaining, intelligent. They keep people clapping for two hours.

In America, there are many circus that are animal free. They wear wonderful costumes and their acrobatic acts are awesome. Young people performing in American Youth Circus Organization should be encouraged and patronised.

So, is there a need for circuses to have performing animals? I say no, there are plenty of no animal circus to entertain us.

I read this in the New Zealand Herald.

Circus elephant crushes man
5:00AM Friday December 28, 2007

A person has died after being crushed by a circus elephant at Yamba on the New South Whales north coast, police said.

The Stardust Circus, with elephants Arna and Gigi among the star attractions, was due to begin its Yamba performances tonight.

It had been setting up at the Angourie Road Sports Reserve when the accident occurred yesterday afternoon.

"It appears an elephant in being unloaded in preparation for a circus at Yamba this afternoon has fallen on a person, believed to be a man," a police spokeswoman told AAP.

An ambulance spokesman said the person was crushed by the elephant and suffered a fatal cardiac arrest at the scene.

Early reports suggested the victim was one of the elephant's handlers.

Police said the industrial workplace accident body WorkCover had been called in to investigate the incident.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Alphabe-Thursday letter P for player

New Zealand Women's Sevens (2012-14)
Maori Women's Sevens (2012)
Auckland Women's Sevens (2012-13)
NZ Women's Touch team (2010 - present)
NZ U19 Women's Touch Team (2011)
The fastest feet in the squad, Nathan-Wong is a natural athlete.  The 18 year old former Linfield High School student was the youngest to ever be selected for the New Zealand Women’s Sevens team in 2012.  She has already represented New Zealand in Touch Rugby.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Memories: Softball

This post is dedicated to all my girl friends I used to play softball with, Jasnah, Mary, Ivy and Rohani. 40 years ago we had an American teacher Miss Fries who taught us this game. First we played inter house, and then we made the school team.

I don't know why I was chosen except I was always available. There was one incident when I was kicked out of the game because I threw the bat after batting. I was so embarrassed of being sacked. I didn't look back to see where my bat landed.

It landed on the head of my girlfriend Jasnah. We were talking 40 years later, and she said it landed on her head and it was so painful.

Here you are Jasnah, I am glad we are still friends. A belated hard hat and cupcakes for you.

Kids in school are learning softball. One day, a kid told me a kid swung a stick into his face. I thought of my poor friend Jasnah.


Stay mellow with yellow!