Monday, March 2, 2015

Memories: Softball

This post is dedicated to all my girl friends I used to play softball with, Jasnah, Mary, Ivy and Rohani. 40 years ago we had an American teacher Miss Fries who taught us this game. First we played inter house, and then we made the school team.

I don't know why I was chosen except I was always available. There was one incident when I was kicked out of the game because I threw the bat after batting. I was so embarrassed of being sacked. I didn't look back to see where my bat landed.

It landed on the head of my girlfriend Jasnah. We were talking 40 years later, and she said it landed on her head and it was so painful.

Here you are Jasnah, I am glad we are still friends. A belated hard hat and cupcakes for you.

Kids in school are learning softball. One day, a kid told me a kid swung a stick into his face. I thought of my poor friend Jasnah.


Stay mellow with yellow!

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Su-sieee! Mac said...

The first time I ever hit the softball I threw the bat back as I ran to first. I was so excited. Fortunately, nobody was hurt. The teacher ran to first base and kindly told me that was not protocol. I never did it after that.
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