Sunday, September 30, 2012

Photohunt: Auckland Harbour bridge.



Auckland Harbour bridge on a Sunday.

We love our Auckland Harbour bridge except when it is rush hour.


Sunday stills : Fall and Breast Cancer Awareness:

Congrats to these girls.

Whittaker's tickled pink with pupils' brainwave

Last updated 10:52 31/08/2012
Samuel Marsden College

IN THE PINK: Samuel Marsden College year 12 pupils involved in the making of pink chocolate, from left, Ellie Cook, Claudia Beaumond, Maddy Williams, Katie Fitzsimons and Morgan Archer.

Samuel Marsden College

FUNDRAISING YUM: Whittaker's White Raspberry chocolate with the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation sticker.
Fall here is call Autumn, I am posting old photos.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend reflection: a little shop

A little shop in the neighbourhood.

A little girl has died today.
Something is inexplicable.
She was expected to die a month ago.
But she held on,
until today.
To me, it is significant.
It is Andrew's birthday.
To make it sound even stranger,
The person who first told me about her,
Her cousin died last night.
3 women are connected.

You might say it is mere coincidence,
But I hold it dear to me,
The mid wife who delivered Andrew,
was there to open the door for me when he was dying.
The pediatrician who checked him out when he was born,
declared him dead and signed his birth certificate.
The ICU nurse and the charge nurse were there on his first and last day.
Andrew born 29 Sept 1989
Andrew died 22 Nov 1989

I am sharing my journey,
Because it will bring comfort to parents,
Who have just started their journey.
To those of you who never have to walk this journey,
I hope you never will.
But if one day,
You sadly have to,
I am here to tell you,
It's ok to cry.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Photohunt: Dodgy

For years, the resident of this premises had many Triumph cars parked not only at his car park, his neighbour's car park, but on the roads on both sides of his residence. They were an eye sore. He was dodgy when people asked why his cars were parked there, using up parking spaces. He wasn't tinkling with them. They were just parked there.  He didn't seem to be collecting them as a hobby. Was he illegally selling them?

One day, those cars on the main road were removed.  There are still other cars. 

DODGY means "Of questionable legality, morality, integrity"


Thursday Challenge :Intricate

Mid Autumn Festival/Moon Cake Festival.
This is a wordless story of Chang Er and Houyi. The lady in the moon. I teach this Chinese story with "Once upon a time in China."  with dialogue and song.

http://annsnowchin.blogspot.co.nz/2012/09/mid-autumn-festivalmoon-cake-festival.html  for words, please go to this post.

Thursday Challenge is a place for photographic fun and learning. 

"FANCY" (Decorated, Embellished, Deluxe, Frilly, Intricate,...)
Intricate : the Chinese costumes.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sky and Theme song: Bob the builder



Can We Fix It

CAN WE FIX IT - 23/12/2000

Take your places
Can we fix it
Yes, we can
Bob the Builder
Can we fix it
Bob the Builder
Yes, we can

My kids especially the juniors love this Bob the builder, can we fix it. Our school is renovating and we have lots of Bobs in school. I take the kids and talk to them, calling them all Bobs and they LOL and talk to the kids.

Today, we had quite an excitement, we had a fire alarm. Yesterday, we had our earthquake drill  "Drop, Cover and Hold". Some classes thought it was an earth quake drill and went under the table. I thought it was the video played in the next room. Until a teacher came and told me it was the real thing.

We all assembled in the playground. The Bobs too had to stop work. It was quite chilly and I rushed out without my winter jacket. The sky was cloudy.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Letter S/ Thursday Theme Song: My niece Emily sings.

 My very talented niece Emily Chan-Hamilton sings two songs, We found the Sun and Mystic Night. Enjoy her music. San Mei is her Chinese name. Her dad Charles  is my brother.  Her mum is Karen. She had sang in Canada. Her song Mystic Night is about  dreaming of a good memory, something you don't have anymore but keep remembering and dreaming about it.  

I asked Emily if I should post some winter snow photos, of her dreaming of Canada.

and she said, yes you're exactly right, it's about dreaming of being in Canada again! Good guess smile hehe

 Emily, listening to your singing and my photos, I am dreaming of my days in Canada.

 http://www.triplejunearthed.com/SanMei  You will be able to hear her two songs.

The above are winter photos in New Zealand.
Emily would be able to identify these photos. I dug up my cold winter photos in the winter of 1975 when I was a student in Windsor, Canada. This school yard was behind the apartment I stayed. During the school break, school children frolic in the snow.  These photos were taken during the holidays, and we went to try out this fun. A couple of Canadian kids were there to show us play.