Saturday, September 1, 2012

Flowers/ Father's day and new friends.

https://www.facebook.com/AMPdoyourthing/app_388359517893913 then see the Orange box that says Vote for me, under it says Find an Applicant.
enter in first Box Takiri
Then search.

The flower I chose for this week has red leaves that look like hearts. In Chinese, a good heart is a kind heart. I found this in my friend Francis Chen's garden. Francis has already voted for Takiri. He has a good heart. He voted for a boy, he doesn't know, thousands of miles away because he believed in me.
Please vote for Takiri

https://www.facebook.com/AMPdoyourthing/app_388359517893913  if you have a facebook account.

To vote:
Click on the link above
You will  see the Orange box that says Vote for me,
 under it says Find an Applicant.
enter in first Box Takiri
Then search. You will come to Takiri Wikitera

My thing is I most want to be walking and running without my crutches. I have cerebral palsy, it affects the muscles in my legs which is why I need crutches to help me get around. Horse Riding helps my muscles and balance

The nature of my goal

To achieve my goal I need to excerise alot to strengthen my muscles but it is hard work and I need help everyday to do this. I have horse riding lessons once a week, this is important+ helps me with posture, balance, rhythm and muscle tone, It has been a huge benefit to me, I get a good workout, my body feels better afterwards and I am much more confident in myself. I ride my horse really well and I hope to be in the paralympics one day. I need lots of financial support to make my goal happen.

I do not know Takiri until today when I was told by friends about this New Zealand $10,000 AMP Scholarship when they asked me to vote either for them or their family. I went into the facebook and saw Takiri's page. 


Today is Father's day in New Zealand. My church honoured the fathers, the Sands of New Zealand honoured the fathers especially bereaved fathers.

Seated in front of me in church was Dr Jonathan Moy. I want to honour him specially, this year his wife Dr Fen Moy went on a mission trip to India. Jonathan stayed at home to take care of their 5 year old twins, Hannah and Daniel.

After church, I made two new friends from Nepal, Rabinbastjal and Prinkarana. We talked and I told them about the Siamese Nepalese babies I helped raise funds to separate them. I am reminded of the twins Dad, Bhushan. Ganga didn't make the separation and died. I am also reminded why I worked very hard to raise the funds.

Sandhya Shrestha, the mum asked through an interpreter why I did it. I told the interpreter my baby son Andrew didn't make it. I was powerless to save him. Here I was, helping to giver her a fighting chance to save her babies. It was a great privilege that I saw Jamuna and Ganga while they were still conjoined.

That was in 2000, but if I have to do it again, I will happily do so. Now 12 years later, I am pressed to do the same for Takiri. Me, the mum of the baby with funny legs, I couldn't do anything with Andrew but watch hopelessly as he died. I want to do something for Takiri.

Will you, if you have a Facebook account vote for him? That someday, he won't have funny legs anymore. Perhaps he could even compete in the para Olympics games.



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