Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why Childhood Cancer Awareness?

My friend K posted this on her facebook. We became friends when she asked me what happened to my baby Andrew. I told her Andrew died. I never asked how she knew about me. We became friends and our mutual friend D told me that her daughter had cancer. Thankfully, her child is now in remission.

Now we have another mutual friend who is facing a worst case scenario. It is terrible.

I wrote in my book, "The worst kind of tragedy is for a parent to bury a child."

Some people don't want to hear about sadness. I want to "sing" about it, because the more people are aware of sad scenarios like this, the more awareness there will be and more funds will hopefully be channelled to it.


Childhood Cancer Awareness Infographic

Why Childhood Cancer Awareness? Because many don't understand the challenges that pediatric cancer researchers, doctors and patients are facing. Learn why this month matters, then share your knowledge with the world.

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