Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ABC Wednesday: K is for knitting, kangaroos and other K of the South Pacific.


This meme is like me teaching my students what words they can think of for a particular letter. They love it as a game and so do I. Today, I post things K and things of the South Pacific.

The women of New Zealand, the older ones like me love to knit. In fact I stopped knitting after 16 years in tropical Singapore, but blogging old things brought me back to this constructive hobby. I knitted a long scarf for G, and at each stitch, I think of good and sad memories.

In Auckland, there is a "Never Too Old" group who knitted 10 blankets and donated their creation to the Auckland City mission. They also make dog coats for the SPCA. The South Auckland Spinners and weavers club also knit for the Russian Orphans.

Knitting is fun, but when you knit with thick yarns and big needles, the knitted product gets heavy, and the fingers hurt. You have to stop and stretch the fingers and do some massage. G is happy though the scarf will be handy only for next winter. I told her the weather forecast in October is cold again, and may be she could use it.

Kamo Kamo are New Zealand pumpkins. I had to teach the children a story of the Kamo Kamo during the Maori New Year. Isn't the colour attractive? http://laughingorcaranch.blogspot.com/2009/09/sunday-stills-signs-of-fall.html Today I saw on fellow blogger laughing orca a photo of her pumpkin, the ones that you all are used to.

Going North is a big Pacific Island of Australia. The island rather continent is known as Australia, and they have two famous animals kangaroo and koala. The two lovely kids are now in their twenties. Emily
Emily will soon cross the Pacific to Canada and America. Deborah is north of the pacific in Singapore.

Kapkaps, the shell disks ornaments like these are found in parts of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. My three karate kids, Sam and his friends wear the kapkaps they made in the Auckland Museum as part of their holiday program. When they wear them, they become invincible warriors, a fusion of the South Pacific and North Pacific Japan.


alicesg said...

Lovely photos. Those kangaroos are real huge. I dont knit but I crochet. Croceht a few scarfs but cant be used here often, gotta keep for holiday overseas ...lol. And I gave some away too.

magiceye said...

lovely informative post. thank you

Jama said...

I've prefer crocheting to knitting.

Elaine Yim said...

This is an interesting story with creative word play. Well done! I have learnt many new words already, especially about New Zealand.

Bitsa Lit said...

Wow! those kangaroos are monsterously huge lol!
And the NZ pumpkins are so cute! They remind me of a starfruit kindof!