Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Zealand Conservation Week

We are lucky to have British botanist and environmental campaigner David Bellamy come and give talks on various occasion. I was invited to my alma mata, Auckland University. Unfortunately I couldn't go.

David appeared on TV and you don't think he is over 80 years old. He talks so passionately about his work, and protecting trees and wild life.

I was reminded of this wild onion plant. To most, including me, it is a pest, a weed. But to some it is a delicious vegetable. I see this patch of wild onion everyday on my way home. It is now in full bloom.

Like I said, it was a pest to me. When D and G were little, I hated being at home and doing house work. (I still don't ) When the weather was good, we would be out in the garden, and I would be digging up these wild onions, dandelion and little daisies. It's great, because at 25 and in Singapore, Deborah still remembers the roses and us digging the weeds. It was a good bonding time. I remember her when I see the dandelion flower.

I was at this International market when I saw the wild onions at an Ethnic stall. I asked the vendor what they were for. He said," for eating, very good." I never ever dig them up again. The world is big enough for all the plants that God made.

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