Friday, September 4, 2009

Sky watch Friday: Haze


If you think this photo is very blur, you are right. This is because there is a lot of haze in Malaysia in July and August. The Malaysian Government blame it on the jungle burning in Borneo and Sumatra.

The Haze is so bad that they had to scale down the National Day Celebration.


Texas Travelers said...

Interesting photo.

Thanks for the visit.

In answer to your question. the white at the base of the mountain in the last photo is unmelted snow.


betty-NZ said...

That looks almost as bad as Chicago air!

Texas Travelers said...

Thanks for visiting out I C U Nature site. I am glad you like the plants. We will be doing more in the future as well as other interesting nature items.

For some reason, when I clicked on the name link to replay, It gave me a broken link. It seems that the 'period' was omitted between blogspot and com.