Thursday, September 24, 2009

Save the world: Children and Gardening.


This week's challenge was suggested by our bloggy friend SquirrelQueen at The Road to Here. It's a little different from our usual challenges in that the activity, while specific in a broad sense, leaves the "particulars" up to you. Are you intrigued? Read on ... you'll see what I mean:

This week we're all about kids ... after all, they will take the "green torch" and become environmental "Olympians". So this week, your challenge is to do an environmentally friendly activity with your kids (or grand kids or neighbor kids or nieces/nephews, cousins, etc). Get them involved. Need some ideas? Here you go:

Awesome Activities


Kids Links (Teaching Green)

Gardening for Kids

Once you've done the activity, we want to know about it ... so come back here and leave a comment (either with the activity or a link to a post) ... or if they did something fun during the summer like an Eco-Camp, tell us about that. We'd also be interested in little Eco-Stars ... kids who have taken it upon themselves to come up with green living ideas.


Sam has been reading into organic gardening, and last spring, I made a pact with him, he could have a section of my garden, he could grow his fav veges, tomatoes and potatoes. His responsibility was to water the plants and harvest his own fruits. Summer was hot and dry, and as a typical twelve year old, he wasn't as diligent as I would like him to. I left him to make his own choices and reap his consequences. Indeed he did reap his consequence, he reaped some fruits, but not as much as I would have, if I had helped him.

It is now spring, about time to plant again, and Sam is interested to be his own organic gardener again. Last Sunday, I improved on my compost bin, and Sam helped me saw the holes on the wheelie bin. Throughout the year, I make him empty my compost bucket into the compost bin, and to pick the lemon because he likes that honeylemon breakfast drink and I know he has his dose of vitamin C.

The spin off benefit, it is a good bonding time, as we have lessons on slugs, snails, aphids and lady birds. Thenwhen the produce if on the table, we proudly announce that they are the fruits of our labor






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