Friday, September 11, 2009

Change The World Wednesday Refuse Styrofoam

Refuse Styrofoam


Durian, the King of fruits is treated in a less regal way, packed in styrofoam. A purist will tell you that durian comes in its own natural package. The styrofoam contaminates its taste and aroma.

But sadly, for convenience, durian is sold this way. Unless you see the vendor pack the durian there and then, it is not advisable to buy them. Prepacked durian tend to be a lesser grade and often old and rejected by customers.


Unknown said...

Yap, better to refuse styrofoam, seem so handy but so harmful. BTW, haven't read about the parasite story yet and about the flower, it's a hybrid hibiscus.

Rune Eide said...

Since Durian is not used here, that is at least not a problem :-)

PS Thank you for the comment - I never post pictures of recognizable people without asking their permission.

Glennis said...

When we tried the Durian it was a fresh fruit cut just for us, my Husband liked it better than I did and we have never bothered to try it again. Once was very much enough for me!
About the ducklings being black, these are native ducks and there is a variety of colours among them, there were some with stripes and some were yellowish but both these that jumped into camera range were dark. All are cute.

Unknown said...

Styrofoam seems to ruin the taste of anything packaged in it. And ... since it never biodegrades, it is really bad for the environment. We found that stores are putting all kinds of things in Styrofoam ... meat, fish, chicken ... even vegetables. So, we ask them if they have anything available which is not in it and usually they say "sure". If they say "no", we say we'll buy elsewhere.

Wonderful article!

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