Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ducks and ducklings

These photos are for Arija http://pilskalns.blogspot.com/2009/09/nature-notes-2-domestic-ducks.html

Arija has two domestic ducks. I have always wanted ducks to eat up the food scraps I give to the birds. My mum always kept ducks when I was little. But the water enginner objected. He says there are 101 ducks in Western Springs. It is not the same, I want my very own. Yesterday, I spied a duck with five ducklings, she kept swimming away from me and hiding in the reeds. I want my own ducks that will come when I go " quack! Quack!"


Arija said...

Ann, thank you! Don't you let any water engineer keep you from getting a pair of ducks...life is too short to compromise and after all, they clean up the snails in your garden. Apart from that, they are such delightful creatures just to sit and watch and rest with.

I learned quite some time ago that when I asked the Prof if it was all right to visit my aging mother next week, it was never comvenient. When I learned to say: I'm taking the train to Melbourne to see my mother next week, he just said oh, that's nice.

betty-NZ said...

Good luck on the pet ducks! They're cute in small doses, but we had over 70 wild ducklings in our fish pond last spring!


kbguy said...

Those are wild ducks ? How interesting. We don't have it here and we don't keep them at home because the shit everywhere.
I have some ducks photos too. I will post them soon to share with you and Arija.