Thursday, September 10, 2009

Photohunt: Electric

Dotted along the road, these green transformer reduce the voltage of electricity that comes to your house. Like this one, they are often subjected to graffiti.

This is a sub station, and there are many warning signs. Click the photo to read the signs on the door.

One has to be an idiot not to heed these signs.

My electric rice cooker, to the Asians who eat rice, rice, and more rice, like my Chinaman water engineer, this is indeed the best thing since sliced bread. All I need to do to put the rice, add the water and press the button. Now I can spend minimal time in the kitchen and sit at my computer blogging. In the past, I had to be around to wait till the water boils, and then turn it low. I am not going to tell you how many times I burnt my rice.

This is another life saver, the battery charger for my batteries of my camera and my cell phone. How often are you about to snap a very good photo or in the middle of an important call when your battery goes flat?

This is an electric chandelier in my house. It comes with the house and visitors laugh at how the water engineer has done a fusion of the new and old. He had fixed modern energy saving light bulbs.

September 12: Electric

It is amazing how dependent we are on electricity. Today in my house, if there is a power cut, I can't do anything. Certainly I can't sit at my computer and post photos to you.

It's not always like this, in my mum's home, she cooked with either wood or gas. She hand washed her laundry. In my grand dad's house, there was absolutely no electricity.We used hurricane lamps and small kerosene lamps. We went to bed early.

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