Monday, September 14, 2009

Save the world, use an alternative food holder.


Last week, the challenge was to reject styrofoam containers, previously it was the plastic bag. This holder serves us well.

This is a quilted " Bring a Plate" holder. When I was living in New Zealand in the late 70s to early 90s, before I went to Singapore, I didn't see this. Then when I came back 3 years ago, friends were carrying this, especially for hot food. They say it is New Zealand designed.

I google searched, but found it called Round Casserole Carrier in the internet.

This site even gives you instruction to make it. It has great details and photos.

Handy for hot or cold food. The quilted material keeps the food cold or warm in a covered casserole dish. I bought mine in a church bazaar. Many New Zealand women or Kiwis make them.

Kiwis are very creative. I heard the wheat heat bag is also created by them. I am an adopted Kiwi, so I too have become creative. LOL

Here's a funny Kiwi story which http://bettysnzblog.blogspot.com/2009/09/random-thoughts.htmlprobably had post. Many foreign visitors have encountered this. The Kiwis often have a "Bring a plate" party. This is a pot luck dinner which means you bring a plate with food on top of it. So often, guests wonder why the host hasn't enough dinner plates and they bring an empty plate. This is the funniest joke among new Kiwis. Now, the Kiwis know better, they will explain that it is a pot luck dinner. Then many visitors would not know what is pot luck.

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lpqHi Ann - Yes, those casserole carriers are everywhere now. There are so many patterns and ways to put them together. Yours is a nice version.
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