Saturday, September 5, 2009

Goodbye to little B.

Up in heaven,
there is a new angel.
Down on earth,
there is a broken hearted mother.

How do you comfort this poor mum,
especially you had never walked her path.
You don't know what to say.
Just hold her hand, give it a gentle squeeze.

You see, twenty years ago,
I walked that path.
It was like yesterday,
I handed my baby for his autopsy.
My heart was torn apart by a tornado.
I walked out of that maternity ward.
My arms were empty,
But it was as if I was carrying a ton.

What a horrible Father's Day is for you.

To this new grieving Mum C,
To this new grieving Dda O.
To this new grieving Grandma M and Grand Dad B,

My prayers for comfort are for you.


Texas Travelers said...

Very caring and compassionate thoughts.
Bless you.


gigi said...

So precious and sad, many blessings.

Unknown said...

How very sad. We have walked this path too. it is heart wrenching. I will say a sweet prayer for our baby angels tonight.