Saturday, September 12, 2009

Plants to help you de-stress.

ferns, peace lilies, banana trees, iron tree, herbs, they are there.

The Neem tree I grew from a cutting.

I miss this beautiful brazilian button.

After three years away, when I arrived in Singapore, one of the first things I did was to go and see what was left of the plants I had left behind. Did present residents take care of them?

Come, mummy has come back to see you. You see, I have been teased that my plants were my babies because I spend so much time with them. I don't talk to them, but I look at them. They take away all my stress. The gardening club's allotment had been abandoned. My friends emailed me, and I thought it was reverted to lawn. But it wasn't. I was so pleased that it has grown like a bush. My very own mini Botanical garden.

You may go to the link with the photos I had taken before I left. The peace lilies are overgrown.

The Neem tree is still there. The gardeners know it is a good medicinal plant. Three times, the wind had blown it over, it was probed up again. Ka Pai. They call it Aunty Ann's tree.

Centratherum punctatum: (Centratherum intermedium) brazilian button flower or brazilian bachelor button flower. Origin : Philippines to Australia

This is a bushy shrub that blooms at the stem tips. The flower is about one inch across, with fluffy down looking petals and the purplish, bluish, lavender blooms making it a very attractive plant. The leaves are jaggedly edge, deep green and very attractive as a
green background foliage for your cut flowers.

Both the flowers and leaves have a good scent that my friends mistake the plant to be a herb. In a big pot, it grows to a meter tall. It grows from rooted cutting. I have also experimented grafting and succeeded


Chef E said...

Hey Ann, it was the hand on the right, mine! I am a month older than my friend, which we thought it was funny...she thought others would say her...

Are you doing Friday Shoot Outs? Where is it?

XUE said...

When I first learned that we are moving to Tokyo, my thought was "Got to find a home with lots of space & greenery like Singapore!". People laughed at me but hey...it is possible (luckily!). Ann, I couldn't find your email in yr blog. Will you email me (found in my blog) to let me know?