Monday, September 14, 2009

ABC Wednesday: Letter I for International

On Tuesday and Friday morning, the Wesley Community Center is full of International flavour. There is an International Market. Once a year, they have an International Day.International Day , do click on the site and the others after it. I documented the lovely day where people from all over the world intermingle and best of it, dressed in their national dress.

On the market day, you see vendors and buyers from all nationalities. This is indeed an International Market. I don't normally go there as I work during the week days. Today, on my vacation, I went to have a look and take photos. I didn't dare to take a lot of photos as I didn't ask their permission.

ABC Wednesday


Q said...

I love seeing the ethnic dress and foods.
Nice to have an international market near by.

Jay said...

We have a European market sometimes here, with food and produce from all over Europe. It's interesting! My son bought some ostrich meat and said it was good!

Roger Owen Green said...

I love international events; happen too infrequently here.

Tumblewords: said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea! Nice photos...