Wednesday, September 2, 2009

'cygnet' or a 'signet'.

Today is officially the second day of spring. I took a friend to Western Springs at lunch time. It was a good time to bring this friend who seldom ventures to this lovely park.

I was delighted to see about five sets of signets and new ducklings. When I came bac to school, I told the kids about my find, and they asked me what a baby swan is called. I always called them signets, but as their English teacher, I checked in my New Webster's Dictionary. Oh my goodness, signet here means a seal for authentication, and I have been telling them the wrong thing all the time. I am sure it is called signet.

Luckily, there was Mr. Google. I found it, it is 'cygnet' or a 'signet'. It's a bit like spelling by sounding it out. Once, I tried to write the word, annuerism, and I wrote anniorism instead. I even googled, and found many others spelling the way I did. English, I tell my students, adults and kids, is very difficult, I would not go as far as saying it is crazy according to one of the Phonetics expert whose workshop I attended. Ask Eliza Dolittle.

This was meant to be a enjoy Spring post, and I ended up with a spelling lesson. Sorry.

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RedLan said...

You're so nice. I am happy to know that. Anyways, we did mistakes sometimes. I guess you are good in speech. Because I know some people who are good in speech but not good in spelling. I am poor in both aspects. :-) The photo above is very cute.