Friday, May 29, 2009

sundaystills:powerlines and landscape

This was a misty morning, the clouds came down the Mt Eden Volcano.
This is a solar powered speed warning signal. Why do they need the power lines?
A magnificent australian flower that is ten feet tall. It doesn't need the lines to hold it up.
The photo was the Salvation Army family store, but the power lines want to be on centre stage.

Out in the bush, this structure holds a power transformer. That week, a power company PR educator came to school and told the students that some boys climb up the platformed and got "fried"
This is our television transmitting tower.
A geothermal power station. The power lines are obstructing the view.
Along a country road, light poles on one side, power lines on the other. What a landscape. Can you see that two dots? They are hot air balloons floating somewhere between Hamilton and Cambridge.
Across a tranquil river, even the mist in the morning can't block out the power lines.
Sun set with a pink glow. The power lines and pole say, "I wanna be in this photo."
This is a typical suburban state house built for the poor in New Zealand. The power lines on the main road are underground. It's only when it comes to the house, they have the power line above ground.

It's been wet the whole morning. The poor bird. Why can't the lines be nice and parallel, and the protective seal be perfect instead of peeling off at certain parts and ruining the photo. When I saw the bird, I was hoping it would stay up there long enough for me, Sure he did, as soon as I finished snapping, he flew away.

This is a reddish sun set in Autumn. Those things sticking out. They are power poles.

This week's challenge is landscape ruin by power lines. There is not going to be much commentary as some words are censored, except the bird photo.

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Bitsa Lit said...

oh power lines...thow art everywhere. But, as much as power lines stick out, we all need to use what they bring us...its a love hate relationship lol.
Great pictures, I love the sunset!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That last photo is pretty, even with power lines. I also like the TV transmitting tower photo. It's cool with the arrow in it. Different perspective.


flowerweaver said...

These are all great examples of how man has intruded into the beautiful landscape. Perhaps if they made the power poles more sculptural and beautiful we would mind less. You've done a great job with the challenge!

Anonymous said...

You found loads of powerlines! :D Cool collection! The last one is outstanding! :D
Great work!

MariesImages said...

I like the australian flower, never seen one of those. They are quite tall!

Jen Mo said...

Great job! Love the last photo the best!

Sherri said...

We do a terrific job of junking up our world. Your pics can be duplicated in every town and city around the world. Great submission.

Saffers in NZ said...

Love the last one ...excellent!!!Lynn

The Wife said...

Nice array of pics.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Wow, you certainly captured lots of Power Lines, the few we have here seem small in comparison to all of yours.

CTG Ponies said...

Great shots, capturing the power lines.