Sunday, May 17, 2009

Old Vespa scooter

This is for Alice of Singapore  who has fond memories of her late uncle and his scooter.
Many overseas visitors are surprised at the modern fleet of vehicles in Singapore. This is because the government discourages car ownership. You can own a car for ten years. After that, you either scrap the car or pay a hefty sum to be able to drive it. It is called Certificate of Entitlement or the COE.
I suspect it applies to motorcycles too, and scooters had died a natural death, superceded by the modern motorbikes.
Alice, I have another photo, when I find it, I will post it for you, to LOL about you aunty and her scarf.
My dad used to own a British made bike, he gave it up, when I guess my mum lost her scarf too, because she went to a function with a messy hair do after spending an afternoon in a beauty salon. Those were the days before helmets.
I used to go to school on the bike for the first few months of my life. In the tropical Borneo, that wasn't very safe as there were lots of storms. When dad bought that old Fiat, I was so grateful.


alicesg said...

Oh thank you Ann....lol. You are right I have a problem finding photo of a scooter. They still exist but in small numbers. Yes, my uncle's scooter looked like the photo but is is grey in colour. I remembered standing in between the seat and the handles for a quick right down the lane for fun. :)

aurbie said...

I love those scooters. I have a Honda Metropolitan, but there is nothing like a good looking, good running retro scooter.