Friday, May 1, 2009

Autumn is here 3

Autumn is here when the giant lotus leaves turn brown.
To those of you from America, you call the season after summer fall,  we call Autumn.
When I teach ESOL, English Speakers of languages, often I have to explain different terms used for various things.
Today, I explained after eating in the restaurant, in America, you ask for the check. In Britain and here in New Zealand, we ask for the bill, and in a less posh place, we ask for the docket.
English is very confusing, say my students from Peru and Chile.

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Ruth said...

Canadian English still retains a British flavour (and spelling) I ask for the bill and hear autumn and fall describe the season. It is strange to see you entering autumn as we are finally into spring. I wonder if there are more concerns about influenza in your part of the world as you go into winter? Our flu season ends in the spring.