Thursday, May 28, 2009

Queen's birthday weekend.

This weekend is Queen's birthday weekend. We have Monday off. The students are told that it is not actually the Queen's birthday. Her birthday is in April.

The statue I have here is not Queen Elizabeth. It is her ancestor, Queen Victoria. You can find the Statue at Albert Park. The bronze statue of Queen Victoria was unveiled in 1899 to mark the sixtieth jubilee of her reign. It was the first statue of her in the country. Queen Victoria was a very powerful Queen and reigned a time when the Sun never set on the British Empire.

Very often, you see birds perched on the heads of statues. Birds have no respect. They leave droppings all over the head. 


Bitsa Lit said...

Thats cool! I love all the old statues and such!
While Victoria was a great queen, My fav would have to be queen Elizabeth I and (even though she wasnt a queen) Princess Diana. She just seemed to be a genuinly good person. Great post though! Happy Queens Birthday!

Ruth said...

We celebrate the Queen's birthday two week before you. We have an almost identical statue of Queen Victoria in our downtown city park.

Tammie Lee said...

Yes I have noticed this about birds. They sit on the top and make a mess. Hope you have a wonderful day off.