Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers' day

We, in New Zealand celebrated Mothers' day before the rest of the world, by virtue of our location. A hospice in Ponsonby invited people who had lost their mum to come for a service. I was thinking of attending, but the weather was too wet and cold. I decided not to go. I remember my mum who had died twenty one years ago.

This morning, my church Mt Albert Baptist Church had a special service. During the communical service, the leader led us to pray for many things. She also prayed for those who had lost their mums, and for those who had lost children. I belong to both. Mothers' Day holds a different meaning for me. I thought of my sisters and also my relatives who have lost their children.

During the service, there was a game where if you found a heart under your chair, you could come up for a gift for your special person. I laughed when I saw a man saying there was no mum in his family. He and his wife had no children. Then he said, " I have a mum." and he went to redeem his gift for his mum who was also worshipping here. I thought it was so sweet. I spoke with him and his sister after the service. It would be a dilemma, if he had children, and he would have to choose between giving it to his wife or his mum.

I also started a new tradition. When I was on duty at the creche last month. There was this teenaged daughter of a missionary couple. She was like a little mum to her two little siblings.They were visiting and the kids won't leave her side. I told her a Chinese Custom  that a mother gets a gift on her children's birthday, because it was her day of suffering. I told A. and her mum J. that because of A, J became a mum. Therefore A. deserved a gift and I gave her one especially when she was so good with her siblings.

Happy Mothers' Day!!


Ruth said...

What a lovely Mother's Day post, Ann. I am fortunate to still have my mother and all my children living. I like the Chinese custom.

alicesg said...

Happy Mother's Day, Ann.

RA said...

Happy Mother's Day and have a great week, Ann :)!

Reader Wil said...

Ann, what a wonderful person you are to start this new tradition. Thanks for this post. We also had a very great service in church.
Thanks for your visit and have a great week.

gigi said...

Pretty flowers and I love that Chinese custom, just precious.

Bitsa Lit said...

Happy Mothers day! Your pictures are beautiful and the Chinese custom is awesome! I havent realy thought about it like that but it makes perfect sense to give a mother a gift on the kids birthday. Very cool!

Tammie Lee said...

Sweet Post. Happy Mother's Day!

Ruth said...

I enjoyed this.

Growing up we used to get Mother's Day cards on our breakfast plates. Mom said she wouldn't be a mom if it weren't for us.

I like the Chinese birthday custom too.

BTW, no I am not allergic to soy. I just like the soy vanilla cream better than the sweeter milk version.

Inday said...

That is very encouraging Ann. I bet the girl's spirit was soaring high when you handed her your appreciation gift for being good to her siblings. I can see you are a very Compassionate person.

To answer your question you posted in my Skywatch Friday, No, I haven't been to Auckland yet. But this October, we are for our Feast of Tabernacles.

I will come to visit your blog again and read some more about you. Very interesting.

Thanks for the visit Ann.