Friday, May 1, 2009


When I was a toddler, my dad went to England. There he learnt to play croquet. My imagination of croquet used to be Victorian or Edwardian ladies in white gloves and long  skirts hitting a ball with a mallet. Surely, it was such a lady's game and I wondered why my dad would play such a game. It was only when I was a adult that I asked him why.
He replied that it was a misconception that it was a women's game. It needed a lot of precision and accuracy.
These photos were taken in Rotorua. While it is true, many women play, there were men and young people playing as we...


Ruth said...

We used to play croquet in my grandmother's large back yard. It was a very pleasant way to pass a summer afternoon.

Bitsa Lit said...

i have never actually played a whole game. I tried once but we turned it into a kind of golf thing...when i accidentally hit my cousin in the gut with a ball. good memory lol!