Saturday, May 23, 2009

20 hour famine

Yes, this is 20 hours famine. Sam and his young friends from aged 10-12 from Mt Albert Baptist Church did this 20 hour famine instead of the World Vision 40 hours famine that the older people did.

Sam started his famine 5 minutes behind the rest because he had his karate session. At the break of the famine, he had to wait 5 minutes. Seeing his ravishingly hungry friends tuck in their pan cakes must have been a looong 5 minutes. 

The kids slept over in the church hall, and cooked the pancakes in the morning. He told me that they were told to do activities together but not strenuous  ones.

When he came back, he said," It wasn't that bad, I only missed two meals and we had loads of barley sugar sweets."  But he must have stuffed himself so much at breakfast. We went to a nice restaurant for lunch. He didn't feel hungry. 

To all the kids and their leaders, Good Job aka Ka Pai .


Ruth said...

What a great lesson for the youngsters and a fine project for the church. Fasting is rarely mentioned any more.

Bitsa Lit said...

Good on him for that! I know how hard it is not eating for a long time... He looks right happy though!