Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bring back Kevin

A plea from a grieving family (Source: Close Up)

This news came through last night. I am not a happy person. People have different opinions of whether Kevin, the dog should be returned to his master's family. I like one of my friend who said, if Kevin was a child, he would be returned to his family.

Close Up

Bring back Kevin - That's the plea from a grieving family.

Kevin is a dog, who followed his beloved master Peter into the bush. It was their last trip together. Three weeks later Peter's body was discovered, but there was no sign of Kevin his black labrador.

After much investigation Peter's family now know Kevin was picked up by the pound and already re-homed.

They are now desperate to get Kev back in time for tomorrow's funeral, but the district council and the new family aren't helping.

They say Kevin is happy in his new home and he won't be returned.

Michael Holland with the family's plea, and Graham Young, who's in charge of animal services for the South Taranaki District Council, speaks from Hawera.


Inday said...

This is drawing lots of mixed emotions. But for goodness sake, at least the authority can allow Kevin to attend his master's funeral. Sad story to read.

Thanks for the weather info Ann regarding Taupo. We should be taking some cold apparels then. I thought I would travel light.

alicesg said...

OMG, I think he should be returned. It is only three weeks and not three years that he gone missing. He still can remember his previous owner's family.

Prospero said...

Kevin should be returned to his family. What are the "new" owners thinking?

About my Feijoa: all the plant pictures from my blog are grown on my sea-side property in Bermuda. Are you an English teacher?

Bitsa Lit said...

omg...that is so bad for the dog, to lose a master and then be seperated from the family but bad for the family because its a double loss. If I was the new owners I would give him back without hesitation. Nobody deserves to lose two family members at once.