Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cotter House, luxury retreat.


I just attended a wedding, and was walking to meet the water engineer who unromantically had walked ahead of me. I chanced upon this sign Cotter House,  and unfeminely, I climbed up the bench of a neighbouring building to see what this luxury retreat was about. Most of the building is hiddened by trees and bush. I could not show you the downstairs.

After googling this building which is in an older but most expensive area of Auckland, I had a dream. I dreamt in my next life, I would marry some one rich and famous. I would have the most lavish wedding here, and every year, I will be pampered during my retreats to rest from my hectic shopping days. In Singapore, such a life of leisure is called Tai-tai. I am sure if I told the water engineer, he would say, dream on, no body is stopping you.

Do click on the link, to see if this might just be your next holiday spot. LOl

Auckland's finest luxury hideaway . 

Experience a warm welcome at Cotter House and feel pampered in the wonderful historical surroundings. Relax in fabulous 5-star accommodation and enjoy the refined hospitality of your MULTI-LINGUAL host. Fluent French, English and Spanish, Mandarin, Korean and Cantonese spoken, beside Italian, and some German and Portuguese.

THE PERFECT CHOICE: Intimacy and seclusion

Cotter House is a delightful city boutique lodge where you can indulge and unwind in the luxury of times gone by. It is not an event centre nor entertainment facility but a unique NZ heritage icon recognised as one of NZ's top luxury retreats, a finalist of the World Travel Awards. Filled with impressive works of art and period antiques, the house offers an ideal setting for fairytale honeymoons.


Baruch said...

Sounds like just the place for me to unwind

Chef E said...

I am already there, well, in my dreams too :)

A friend of mine wants to kidnap me and take me to Costa Rica; while she runs a B&B I will be the chef :) as long as it is her nickle...

alicesg said...

With five stars on its signboard, it must be very luxury. I would love to be pampered in such a luxury resort too. It is sickening that every time I travelled, most time are spend shopping and sightseeing and no time to enjoy the hotel room and the hotel facilites...lol

Unknown said...

Very peaceful place I bet. Great shots.

PS. re my post, there's no horse with the calesa coz it was taken inside the National Museum of Marinduque.