Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Giant stones of Hamilton.

I was visiting Hamilton, where fellow blogger Pete comes from. I saw huge columns of stone at the Hamilton gardens which make me think of the Stonehenge. The water engineer won't stop the car so I managed to take only this photo.

There are 21 columns 

 In April 2005 a major artwork was completed at the eastern entrance to Hamilton Gardens, at the corner of Cobham Drive and Hungerford Crescent. It is the work of two internationally renowned artists. Sculptor Chris Booth who is based in Keri Keri but has undertaken major commissions in Holland, Australia, USA, Italy and Spain. The other artist, Diggeress Te Kanawa, seldom strays from her Te Kuiti home but has become renown for her role in preserving traditional Maori weaving techniques and patterns.

The eroded forms of the ignimbrite escarpment at Hinuera gave inspiration for the 21 columns. It was appropriate to use this stone because I'm told the erosion of this material over thousands of years has formed much of the land of the Waikato region, carried and deposited by the Waikato river. The land of Hamilton Gardens is beside the river. The stone is symbolic of this earth.

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Bitsa Lit said...

The pillars are realy pretty! I love how there is a meaning behind the placing and the materials to make them, sometimes digging into the 'why' of a piece of art is more important than the art itself. I think they are beautiful!