Friday, May 22, 2009

Bring Back Kevin: 2

It's a case of Compassion verses Legality.
When I went out last evening, the news was Kevin's "new" owners refused to budge and let Kevin even to attend his owner's funeral. I am so glad that some of my fellow bloggers have the same opinion as me.

Some people say that Kevin belongs legally to the new "owner". I beg to differ. Where's the compassion. Two person offered $500 each to the "new" owner, and a pedegree dog breeder even offered a labrador puppy worthed $1000. Their kind offers were declined.

Once a cat disappeared for a few years. Her new "owners" took care of her and loved her as their own. It was like a miracle that the original owners found her many kilometers away. The "new" owners happily let the cat return to the original family. It was a story that ended happily ever after. It made National TV.

You may wonder why I am so passionate about Kevin. Many many moons ago, when I was seventeen, my eldest sister Rose and her boyfriend were walking along Queensway home. About one and half kilometers away, a big mongrol dog followed them home.

We were then living in a cul de sac about one hundred meters from the main road. We fed the dog, and it played with our dogs. Dog knew it didn't belong to us, but was happy to eat our food. Each time, Mum drove the car, it followed her until it reached the main road. It retreated back to our house. He did the same when I cycled to school.

One late afternoon, I went with my sister Margaret to my girlfriend's house some five kilometers away. As usual, Dog followed us to the main road. This time, he didn't retreat to our house but followed us on our bicycles. He stayed with our bicycles when I was at my friend's house. We cycled on the same road where Dog had followed Rose home.

Somewhere along Queensway, a blue Japanese car pulled over about fifty feet from us. Dog dashed to the car. They opened the car door, Dog jumped inside.

We could see pairs of accusing eyes. Eyes that shot daggers, the car sped off. The passengers at the back stillstaring at us.

Margaret and I were upset. They didn't stay back to thank us for taking care of Dog. Instead, we could tell they were thinking we stole Dog.

Mum consoled us when we bawled our eyes. We were good samaritans giving Dog a good home. We knew Dog was never our dog. We just gave it food and shelter. Despite the months it stayed with us, he always knew he belonged somewhere else. Otherwise he won't have followed us to the main road. Mum said we should rejoice that Dog found it's owners.

I hope Kevin's "new" owner or their friends read this blog, and appreciate how the late Peter's sister feels.

The dog in this photo is a much loved dog in Australia. I needed a dog's photo for this post.

The story of Kevin is at the last post. It was on television news for two evenings.


alicesg said...

I hope Kevin's story will have a happy ending.

Bitsa Lit said...

I hope he gets back to his real family soon.