Sunday, May 17, 2009


I googled searched and contacted Cintos who had the above photo when I posted the antique car  
Tony's fifty year old car is the exact model of our first car. Ours had a dark blue roof and a greyish body. I emailed Cintos to ask if Tony had more photos of his car, but sadly, Tony had only this photo. He must be pretty pleased with it. He kept in in pristine condition.
My siblings are very passionate when we talk about that car. It's license plate was S899. It was the number eight hundred and ninety nine car in our town, Sibu. It even had tiny wings that we joked that we have our mini aeroplane car.


Reader Wil said...

Lovely car! We once had a Fiat 500, which was very small. Lateron a Fiat850 and then a Lada stationcar.

alicesg said...

Hi Ann, nice car. Have replies for you on both comments you placed in my blog.

Mary said...


Tony's car is beautiful. It also had style. Dad had a two-tone 1953 Buick.

I also dropped over to Patty's for the post about the pink Cadillac. It is beautiful.

Have a great day, my friend and thanks for posting these awesome photos of the cars.


Anonymous said...

Such fond memories for you and your family. Love the picture. Have a great day.