Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Brazilian friend, Marcelo.

My friend Marcelo comes from Brazil. He came to New Zealand three months ago, and all too soon he will return to Brazil.

Whilst in Auckland, he worshipped in my church, Mt Albert Baptist Church and attended our ESOL Class. He also attended lectures in UNITEC. 

He is a friendly and helpful person, and he gave me some photos he took at the Pasifika Festival.

This photo was taken today at our Church Picnic where Marcelo entertained the kids as "Bokko" the clown.  Marcelo explained his philosophy of clowning. he did not believe in too much make up. He does not want children to be frightened of his make up.

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Bitsa Lit said...

I agree with the makeup! I never liked clowns as a kid but the noses and the bright colors didnt bother me..just the freaky makeup! Now though I love clowns.. and the ones that do tricks with fire are really cool!