Saturday, May 23, 2009

Baa Baa Black Sheep


I have been on a look-out for Barry, http://anexplorers.blogspot.com/

for a black sheep after I posted my daughter G's lamb concert-performance-by-kindy-kids. 

Yes, I found not one, but three black sheep  for you  Barry, at the Cornwall park. I wish I had included some white sheep as well.

Like you, there are many places in Auckland that I can go to relax. I had to ask the water engineer to stop the car so I can take the photos.  Luckily, he is now used to me asking him to stop the car when ever I see something interesting.

Travelling in the car is not the best way to take photos. Some days, I will take my bus Number 11 (which is your own two legs) and take my photos. 

Cornwall Park is a landscaped park designed for the recreation and enjoyment of all the people of New Zealand.

The park is renowned for its landscape design and its wide variety of mature trees. It is centred on a volcanic cone, One Tree Hill, with many interesting geological features. A pre-European Maori fortification (pa) was built on the cone, many features of which can still be seen.
The park's donor, Sir John Logan Campbell, is buried on the summit of One Tree Hill alongside the obelisk. The Maori name for the hill is Maungakiekie - mountain of the kiekie. Kiekie (Freycinettia banksii) grows as an epiphytic climber or vine. Immediately adjacent to the Park is One Tree Hill Domain, administered by Auckland City Council. The two parks are run under different management but with very similar objectives. Visitors can experience them as one park.  

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Bitsa Lit said...

lol! cute sheep!! I love how you add bits of information at the end about what things are and where they stand in terms of NZ. I find it realy interesting!