Thursday, October 22, 2009

Skywatch Friday: Limestone mountains of Mulu

The Mulu Caves began to form over five million years ago when running water began to forge a path between the limestone and sandstone of the mountain’s interior and is continuing to grow in the same way, slowly developing as rivers carve their way through the underground cathedrals and redistribute the limestone from the walls and floors to the tips of the stalactites.

Millions of bats live in the complex and in the evenings they depart on mass in a cloud of flapping wings, to feed. You can see from the photo where the bats exit and enter the caves. For Sam and I, it was a pity it rained on us. We waited and waited, the bats decided to stay dry and refused to perform their glorious dance for us. We walked back the 3.8 km in the pouring rain and dark skies.


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Anonymous said...

My mind was still on your previous posting (Tamaki Yacht Club), so I thought you were posting about caves in NZ (Me duh!!) until I remembered my geography about the Mulu Caves in Borneo.

The bats were rain-shy ... too bad! At least you had a good hike.