Monday, October 5, 2009

Save the World Wednesday: Think Green Thursday:keep warm



We are having an exceptional cold weather for this time of the year for spring. It is a 25 year cold and we have freak snow fall. Last night, I wore two layers of winter thermal and I was still cold. So I got out of bed and put on another duvet on top of my winter downs duvet. Finally I fell asleep.

As the weather heads to Jack Frost's domain in the northern hemisphere, remember to keep warm and save the world.

These photos of Sam are staged. We just bought this duvet cover. He chose the Ahoy Captain and jolly roger pattern. This was why I took the photos. We chose a queen size for him, so he can tuck the duvet in the sides to keep the warm. Last night, he slept under two duvets. He felt snug and warm.


B i r g i t t a said...

Oh my goodness! We are heading winter - I want to keep the summer :)

eileeninmd said...

Just thinking about snow gives my goose bumps. I can't wait for summer.

Bitsa Lit said...

Lol! We are just heading into autumn here in NB...well...in the middle of autumn I guess.
I think its hilarious that when I tell people that I want to go to NZ they tend to think it is an endless summer and never snows there.
.. o well.. i try to educate them...sometimes it works lol!