Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Marokopa Falls


From Waitmoto, our friend L drove us towards the direction of the sea some forty kilometers of windy road in the rain. She wanted to show us this waterfall. We could hear the thunderous roar even in the car. I got Sam and myself to don our raincoats. Then we walked some ten minutes in the bush trek, and it was really rainy and cold then. The bush trek was slippery and I was glad I had my proper trustworthy walking boots on.

When we there, what an amazing sign. The Marokopa Falls in Waikato, New Zealand are a magnificent sight to see as they cascade over the rocky ledges into a 36 meter drop. As the sun shines off the falls, a rainbow forms through the mist that rises off the pool at the bottom. The mist from the falls and the rain got us very wet. I thought it was a miniature Niagara falls that I saw with my friends in the 70s.

We stood on a platformed location and took our photos. L and her son decided to go down to the bottom of the falls. The trail is extremely muddy and they slipped and got very wet and muddy. No wonder it is not a highly recommended route.

The Falls divide the Marokopa River into two fisheries and the area at the bottom is terrific for spin fishing but above the falls you can catch two specific types of trout.

This fall has not been harnessed for power, but left as a scenic place for New Zealanders and tourists to enjoy. This is a great decison, to remain a clean and green country.


TOMO said...

Good work!
These are impressive photos.
I can imagine powerful sounds of waterfall.

betty-NZ said...

They are beautiful, aren't they! I posted my photo back in June. It was better weather than you described, but the photos look exactly alike!

Jama said...

WOW! what a beauty!