Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Save the World Wednesday: Think Green Thursday: Use a Thermal Flask


In the olden days, my grand parents and my mum always boiled a big kettle of water first thing in the morning, and filled up their big thermal flask. We didn't have that piping cup of tea or coffee but there was always hot water.

Now, we put the jug on everytime we wanted that cuppa. We don't use all the boiling water and pour it out when we want the next cuppa. I still do this, but sometimes when I go for a long day trip, I make some coffee and fill up my flask with this coffee. It may not be piping hot, but it is still delicious especially on a cold winter day.

When I am sick, and often I need a warm drink to clear the throat, and it is too cold or too much of a hassle to waddle to the kitchen, I take my little thermal flask to my bedroom.

The older generation of New Zealanders, when they go for a picnic, they take their thermos and tea bags so they have their cuppa.


Japa said...

We still do that here in the Philippines. Always have ready hot water when needed.

Glennis said...

Yes we pack a thermos flask for picnics and boating trips, very useful and lovely to have a hot cup of coffee while your miles from anywhere. Umm I am part of the older generation I guess.