Monday, October 5, 2009

mellowyellowmonday:Nanyang Community Centre



This is the Nanyang Community Centre. Nanyang means South Seas. The China from China in the North called region of Singapore, Malaya, Indonesia and Borneo, Nanyang aka South Seas.

There are many community centres in Singapore. This one is just off the Nanyang Technological University. We drove passed corner as we picked up our children from the primary school not very far away. All three of my kids went to Xing Nan School.

We saw the building of this building, and school kids were intrigued by this pendulum looking elevator.

I took this photo during my recent trip in July. I walked two hours that morning.


Bitsa Lit said...

Its YELLOW!! :) I love that! It always makes me smie!

Yup, I am doing well. my whole summer was just one shift after another but after all that work I was able to pay of my tuition and go to school this year. It somehow dosnt feel worth it but I guess in the long run, school will pay off.
it is going well though. The classes are great and the work isnt too hard I guess. I still wish I were doing something crazy...like backpacking russia or bungee jumping or a whole day of constant zorbing. SO FUN!!!

How are you doing and how was your summer?

Stephanie V said...

That's a very cool building. Neat elevator construction.

Anonymous said...

Interesting looking elevator. I bet it's fun to watch it go up and down but a bit scary to be inside as it moves. Yes, I'm afraid of heights!