Friday, October 9, 2009

SeaPort 2009


Today, on the ten (Oct) of the ten (tenth) of the ten (10 am), I booked for the water engineer, Sam and I for a free double decker bus tour of the Auckland Port. How auspicious can that be? We were not allowed to take photos once we got inside the red gates for security reasons. We adults also had to bring a photo ID. Security was tight, and our bus was led by a security van, and we had a security guard on board the bus.

Some of you may remember I did a post on the French bombing the Green Peace rainbow Warrior ship at the Marsden Wharf.

It was quite interesting especially when they arranged for the tug boat to dance for us. Sorry I can't show you photos.

I saw many many cars parked at the wharf. They are mainly imports from Japan. I asked Helen, the guide what happened during last Monday's Tsunami warning. She said, all the ship sailed out to harbour, but the cars were just left. Luckily for them the expected one meter high Tsunami mellowed down to 40 cm, and was no threat to the port.


What is SeePort?
SeePort is a public open-day event giving Aucklanders the opportunity to see their port in action. Bus tours, led by Ports of Auckland staff, are an opportunity to get a rare glimpse behind the red fence and to see some of the most technologically advanced (and biggest!) boy toys in the country.

SeePort also includes displays by our dancing tug boats at the end of Princes Wharf, and exhibits at the historic Captain Cook Gate, opposite Gore St.

Friends and family are invited to jump aboard a double decker bus and enjoy a guided tour of Auckland's port.

The free, hour-long bus tours will travel around Ports of Auckland's commercial wharves, stopping at areas of interest and importance.

This an opportunity for Aucklanders to get up-close and personal with port operations. The tour includes interesting and informative commentary by a Ports of Auckland staff member.


Japa said...

Isn't that very interesting. Too bad, am looking forward for your shots.

About your querry about "Krills," will post the final item early this week.

Thanks for your visit.

VioletSky said...

What a great opportunity to see inside a "secret workspace"!