Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Dear Aunty Ann,

We (Mum, Aunty Eliza and Uncle Kalang) went to the Southport Spit today. There were a lot of fishermen fishing for tuna. Uncle Kalang was very interested in the men pulling in the big fishes. There were so many that the fishermen catching the fish as soon as they throw the line in. Kalang tried to get near the fishermen to take photos but he was worried about getting me wet as he was holding my hand.

When we saw people fishing lots of tuna, we didn't know we were witnessing a news headline. Kalang said that he saw schools of tuna swimming. Actually, there were TV film crew people there. Click on the link to read your National News paper, The New Zealand Herald. It was a pity he didn't take me nearer. Otherwise you would see me on TV.

Your loving nephew,

Thomas, aged 4 years and one day.


Glennis said...

Great letter from a cute wee man.

Tammie Lee said...

This is a fun memory to have.