Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pasifika: Tuvalu

My friend from Brazil, Marcelo enjoyed Pasifika very much. He took many photos and has kindly let me post them. As I had explained, because I was "working" at the recycling program, I couldn't stay very long at each village to enjoy their dancing and food. I am so glad for these photos of the Tuvalu dancers. Thank you Marcelo, I hope your family and friends in Brazil will enjoy your photos.


vincibene said...

Very interesting and imposing pictures!

Glennis said...

Great photos from the festival, lucky you had someone who could record these for you.

Reader Wil said...

I love these photos, for I have great memories of New Zealand. Thanks for your visit and the things you told about the victims who climbed the mountains and glaciers. That's too bad.

Tammie Lee said...

This sounds like a wonderful time. Too bad you could not spend more time wandering about.