Sunday, March 1, 2009

scenic sunday


What do you do on your day of rest? Enjoy photographs of others for this day.

This is the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial Bastion Point, Auckland

Bastion_Point(Takaparawhau in Māori) is a coastal piece of land in Orakei, Auckland, New Zealand, overlooking the Waitemata Harbour. The area has significance in New Zealand history for its role in 1970s Māori protests against forced land alienation by white New Zealanders.

The land was originally owned by Ngāti Whātua, in the period before the colonisation of New Zealand by the British Crown, and was part of important lands for the iwi (tribe), overlooking rich fishing and farming areas.

The surrounding land was bought or confiscated by the New Zealand Government for public works and development over a period stretching from the 1840s into the 1950s.

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