Friday, March 6, 2009

BBQ at the beach.

I am planning to give Mum's people a big dose of Kiwi hospitality with a BBQ at the beach. I just hope the sky is hospitable. It's been raining dogs and cats and winds howling since they arrived from Borneo.

When I saw this BBQ at the beach near to my school, I decided this was the perfect spot for the welcoming party. You see, the gas at the BBQ is free. Where can you get to use a BBQ free of charge?
More than twenty years ago, I was with Mum at the Gold Coast in Australia. There was free hot water. Mum said, It is only in Australia, you would get free hot water to make cup of tea. Elsewhere, people would come with their thermal flasks and take the hot water home."

Mum in Heaven, will be looking down at the welcome New Zealand has showered up for her siblings and nieces. New Zealand even provided a free BBQ.

I went to check that it was working. It was, and there was a big party there. I made some new boyfriends from Papua New Guinea. I asked if I had to book the BBQ, they told me that I didn't have to, just first come first served. I told them I was having my party on Monday. Hopefully, no one else would use it. They said, everyone is working on Monday. No one is free to come for a BBQ. Then they asked me if they were invited. I said, Of course. Don't know what the water engineer will say to that. After 30 years of marriage. he has given up counting how many boyfriends I have.

***This is the BBQ, and the flag of Papua New Guinea. I didn't know my boy friends well enough to take their photos. I might get a cop on my head if I did by their wives and partners. I wish I did, because some of the ladies were dressed in PNG clothes. My friends say, some day I will get into trouble chatting up with men like that.***

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Tammie Lee said...

Sounds like you will have a wonderful and friendly BBQ! With lots of people!