Sunday, March 29, 2009

Auckland International festival: Drums

There is something about drums that captivates me.

The Auckland Salsa group performed on the stage to a fascinated audience.

These two Myanmar young men intermingled among the festival goers with their drum and bamboo clappers. They were very friendly and asked if I was Korean. I told them my ancestors were Chinese, and he greeted me in Mandarin. Then he clapped for me.

Here's Sam with his International food. I teased him that there were so many different type of food, yet he had to go and buy it from a Singaporean store. The country where he was born, but would not give him his citizenship.

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Ruth said...

That tent is cute, reminds me of a yurt.

I wish we had a more viable green party in our political system. But unfortunately we are quite limited to our two parties. I hope it will change one day.